12 Feb2017February 12, 2017

Waiting on a TV

Don’t you just love waiting for deliveries??? SHE  finally broke down and got us a new TV.  I am so excited to watch my programs in High Definition!  I am chillin’ waiting for the delivery men to bring in our new set.   The Easter preparation begins tomorrow! On the furniture!

09 Feb2017February 12, 2017

Getting ready for Easter!

Easter is almost here!  I am so excited.  It is sometimes difficult to color my Easter eggs without thumbs, but I try.  I will try to stay up late and catch the Easter Bunny in the act.  He is so sly!  I will have to settle for this guy.  He is easy to catch…….. Hanging...

09 Feb2017February 9, 2017

Check Out Tanner!

This is my buddy Tanner.  SHE sent him a stuffed cat, made in my likeness.  Tanner seems to love it and cuddled up close to me.  I do love to snuggle! My friend Tanner likes to cuddle with me!

20 Jan2017January 23, 2017

Our New Website!

Welcome to the new louievadventures.com! We have a completely redesigned website. We hope you like it!