The Louie V Series

The Secret Adventures Of Louie V

The Secret Adventures of Louie V is a children’s book that chronicles a mischievous Siamese cat who is left alone all day while his owner, a lovely young lady, is at work.

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Louie V Takes The Cake

Louie V, that mischievous Siamese cat, is at it again! He is left alone while his owner goes off to put the finishing touches on a special surprise. What could SHE be planning? Join Louie V as he tries to figure out what his owner is up to and meet some of his favorite friends along the way. Will Louie V ruin the surprise or be surprised?

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Louie V Trims The Tree

Ho, Ho, Meow! Louie V is at it again. SHE has left him alone in a Christmas wonderland. Will Louie V stay on Santa's nice list? Read along and find out. All books come with a limited edition Christmas ornament.

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